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I've always been quiet and shy. I don't know what love is.

Elizabeth "Lizz" Genesis Tayler is a main character of The Inheritors. Lizz is an ally of Maddie Hall, though fully respects Bella North. She is portrayed by Bella Ramsey.

Early History


Elizabeth exhibits well-developed positive attributes — intelligence, loyalty, resilience, thoughtfulness, easygoing, affable charm — despite an upbringing and a history of abuse that often diminishes these characteristics in other children her age. She has learned to subsist, on her own, by any means — means that sometimes conflict traditional mores and values, especially as they relate to her relationship with truthfulness. With the best of intentions, Elizabeth relies on deception as a defense mechanism to protect herself and those she cares about most.[1]

Physical Appearance

Powers & Abilities

Lizz possesses the standard powers & abilities of a werewolf.


Season One


  • The name Elizabeth is an Arthurian Legend name. The meaning of the name Elizabeth is: Sister of Mark.[2]