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With a father and a grandfather like mine, I'm probably not immune to those issues myself. I don't take it lightly and I would never make fun of you for it.

Isabella "Bella" Katerina Rose North is the main protagonist of The Inheritors. She is the tribrid daughter of the later Grayson and Katerina North, and a student of the Chamberlain school.

Bella is a member of the North Family and the Parker Family.

Early History

Isabella Katerina Rose North was born in San José, Costa Rica as the daughter of the hybrid Grayson North and the witch Katherine Parker. During her birth, her paternal uncle, Brandon, tricked the doctor into thinking that the newborn baby girl was his own. However, when Grayson finds out, he tells Brandon that if he takes his daughter away from him, he will make him suffer in ways unimaginable.


Despite the traumas of her past, Bella is a powerful young student with great potential. However, due to her fierce independence and unparalleled supernatural abilities, she has a tendency to take on every challenge herself. But she will have to learn that not every problem can be solved alone. Bella suffers from bouts of what she describes as an “inner darkness”. She believes this to be a side effect from the death of her well-beloved grandfather, but these episodes are likely caused by severe psychological traumas she's experienced.[2]

She is quick to anger if her father or family, in general, are insulted.

Physical Appearance

As a child, Isabella would wear shirts with prints on them such as animals and flowers. She would also wear her hair down. Now, Isabella has long dark hair like her father, and chocolate eyes that she inherited from her mother. She likes wearing colorful hoodies, and black jeans, something she's picked up from Brandon. She's petite and stands at 3'11" (1.19 cm). It also implied by others, that Isabella looks like her mother. As a teenager, Isabella is 5'5" (1.65 cm).

Powers & Abilities

Isabella inherited the witch gene from both her father and mother. However, due to having siphon heritage from her maternal family, she has inherited the mutated witch gene from her maternal grandfather. In a flashback in Like Father, Like Daughter, it was revealed that Bella was prone to using magic accidentally when she felt angry, scared, or confused, as a form of self-defence. She typically had no control over this magic, due to living in a home surrounded with magical objects.

Bella is also part werewolf, having inherited the werewolf gene from her father. Prior to triggering her curse, she displayed some increased agility and grace, above that of a normal human. Since she has triggered her werewolf gene, she has gained all of the powers of lycanthropy, with the additional abilities of those having been born of the Crescent Wolf pack, such as Transformation Control. The first transformation, however, is a rite of passage and cannot be controlled, according to Brandon. This would classify her werewolf nature as an Evolved Werewolf. Furthermore, despite that the werewolf curse was originally cast upon Native American witches preventing them and their descendants from using magic, Bella's lycanthropy does not negate her ability to practice magic.

Bella's blood was able to heal her mother while in the womb. She was also able to heal herself after she accidentally cut herself on a piece of glass. Her blood can be used to sire new vampires and even hybrids, an ability only possessed by one other supernatural being; her grandfather.


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  • The name Isabella is a Hebrew name. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Isabella is devoted to God.[3]
  • The name Rose is an American name. In American, the meaning of the name Rose is flower.[4]
  • The surname North is English meaning a person who lived to the north.[5]