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Justinian "Justin" Chamberlain is a main character on The Inheritors. He is one of the founders of the Chamberlain school, and the guidance counselor for the students. In Life's A Bitch, it was revealed that Justin lost his unborn son and lover to a vampire.

Early History


Justinian is charismatic, loyal to a fault and values truth above all else, no matter how hard the truth can be. His upbringing from unstable family followed by foster care has left him with some anger issues that he can’t seem to shake. He was hoping the fact he was supernatural would be the easy solve for his problems, but it’s not. He believes learning how to harness the “inner monster” at the school could solve problems and allow him to live like the man he wants to be.

He seems to have feelings for Sky, but is struggling to admit them.[1]

Physical Appearance

Justin is of African decent. He has brown hair and eyes. He is 6' (1.83 cm) and has a muscular build.

Powers & Abilities

Justin possesses the standard powers and abilities of a warlock.


Season One


  • The name Justinian is from the Latin name Iustinianus meaning "Justin".[2]
  • The surname Chamberlain is French meaning one who looked after the inner rooms of a mansion.[3]