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Maybe I'm just tired of my father looking at me like I'm weak, just because I came from his moment of weakness. Because maybe I need to show him that I'm strong enough to prove to him that I'm not like my weak human mother. That I can be just like him. Maybe that's why I don't want to have anything human about me.

Madelyn Adele Carter-Hall is a main character on The Inheritors. She is a werewolf, and Isabella North's rival. She is set to appear on the first episode, and will be portrayed by Anna Cathcart. She is the daughter of Francis Hall and Adele Carter.

Early History


Physical Appearance

Maddie is a beautiful girl with auburn hair and brown eyes. She stands at 5'1" (155 cm), and has a straight type body.

Powers & Abilities

Maddie possesses the standard powers and abilities of a werewolf.


Season One


  • The name Madelyn is an American name. The meaning of the name Madelyn is: bitter; Woman from Magdala.[1]
  • The name Adele is a French name. In French, the meaning of the name Adele is: good humor; Of the nobility. Noble.[2]
  • The surname Carter is an occupational name for a person who operated a cart to transport good.[3]
  • The surname Hall is English. The meaning of Hall is simply hall.[4]