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Dr. Vincenté Brandon Samuel North Senior is a main character on The Inheritors. He is the headmaster of the Chamberlain school. He is the great-grandfather of Bella, Christopher, Kaiaphas North and Reese and Liliana Blackwell.

Vincenté is the patriarch of the North Family.

Early History


Vincenté is the headmaster. He’s seen his fair share of death, drama, and the supernatural, but now he’s putting his expertise to good use as a mentor, trainer, protector and coach for the students of the school as he prepares the next generation of supernatural creatures to be heroes and not villains. His mission is to help these students change the legacy of what it means to be supernatural in this world. But there’s a dark flipside of that mission - one he’ll never allow himself to say out: that he’s also here to protect the world from his students. His great-grandchildren are students at the school. He also appears to have put his personal life completely on hold and keeps all romantic possibilities at a distance as a means of both focusing on his job and preventing himself from expecting yet another heartbreak.[1]

Physical Appearance

Vincente is a tall good looking man, with blue-grey eyes and black hair, broad shoulders and an athletic and physique. He has a well-trimmed beard.

Powers & Abilities

Vincente is an extremely powerful natural born warlock, and is very talented in the Dark Arts. Vincente also demonstrated skill at teleporting instantly in a matter of seconds. He had shown himself to be proficient in snapping bones, breaking necks, and ripping/puncturing flesh with only simple hand gestures, and could easily use telekinesis to rip a heart from a victim's chest. Vincente was able to take Brandon's consciousness into his own mind. Vincente's greatest asset was his sharp intellect. His name is enough to send a "chill" down the spines of his enemies.


Season One


  • The name Vincente is a Latin name. In Latin, the meaning of the name Vincente is conqueror.[2]
  • The name Brandon is an American name. In American, the meaning of the name Brandon is prince, or brave.[3]
  • The name Samuel is a Biblical name. The meaning of the name Samuel is heard of God; asked of God.[4]
  • The surname North is English meaning a person who lived to the north.[5]